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Captain who was rescued nine times in seven months sells his boat

Fri, 04/15/2016

'Captain Calamity' Steve Shapiro, who was rescued nine times in seven months, has now sold his yacht.

Update – 15 April

Shapiro, who was dubbed ‘Captain Calamity’ by the media because he had been rescued so many times, has now sold his yacht, Nora.

Shapiro and his crew mate Bob Weise, both aged 71, set sail from Scandinavia in the 40ft yacht in July. They planned to cruise across the Atlantic to America, but faced a series of mishaps along the way.

Initially they were rescued by the emergency services in Norway and Denmark, the first time because of damage to the Nora’s propeller shaft.

Further propeller problems resulted in the pair being rescued twice in Scotland, before they ran aground in Northern Ireland and again in the Republic of Ireland. Both incidents required further rescue efforts.

Shapiro and Weise had to be rescued three times in Cornwall – twice by the St Ives RNLI.

In the final incident, the pair’s boat tipped over in Hayle Harbour and caught fire due to a candle not having been blown out properly.

Dartmouth-based yacht brokers, Wooden Ships confirmed to YBW.com that the Nora has been bought and the new owners will be refurbishing the vessel. Currently, the Nora remains in Hayle. 


Update – 26 February 2016

An American sailor who has required rescue nine times in seven months — three times in Cornwall alone — may be throwing in the towel.

Steve Shapiro, 71, set off from Norway in July with sailing partner Bob Weise, also 71, for the US. They only made it as far as Cornwall, where, after rescues in Norway, Denmark and Ireland, they were assisted by the RNLI three times in a series of mishaps and have been stranded in Hayle since January.

The incidents the pair endured — including their yacht, Nora, tipping over and catching fire whilst moored — have racked up a $14,000 repair bill.

Weise has already chosen to abandon the journey and Shapiro may soon follow suit.

Shapiro told NBC News: “A lot of things need fixing and I’m not sure if I’m willing to put in the costs to solve it.

“I wanted a playboy boat that I could invite people out in and have a good time. This boat is more of a workman’s vessel, a serious explorer’s boat — and I’m not a serious explorer, I’m more of a playboy.”

Shapiro found the 18-ton Nora for sale on the Internet and said the sailboat was built in 1979. He said the boat seemed seaworthy when he made inspections before purchasing, but the pair ran into trouble just a day after setting off on their voyage when they sailed over a fishing line in the North Sea and lost all power.

Shapiro called the trip a “small disaster” and said Weise had returned home after his family expressed concern for his safety following negative press coverage.


Update – 28 January 2016

It’s not been the easiest of expeditions for yachtsmen Bob Weise and Steve Shapiro, both 71. After a series of mishaps that saw them calling lifeboat crews seven times, the Americans have asked for help again after their craft, Nora, tipped over in Hayle Harbour in Cornwall.

And that’s not all. Fire crews had to be called to put out a small fire, caused, according to Mr Shapiro, by a candle which the pair had not extinguished properly before they went ashore to buy some groceries.

“We are both fine. The boat was supposed to be tied in by a mast tie but it did not get set so the boat fell over at low tide as it is a dry harbour,” the Telegraph reports Mr Shapiro saying.

“Obviously we were not happy. It appears that a candle had not been blown out properly and a little spark relit itself.

“We are not going to leave until this is fixed and we get the right wind, which looks like it will be next week.

“Our plan is to leave on the Friday but the boat has taken on a lot of water.”


21 January 2016

Two septuagenarian yachtsmen have required the assistance of lifeboat crews seven times since July on their trip from Scandinavia to North America.

The pair — both from North America — have called rescue teams in Norway, Denmark, Scotland, Ireland and twice now in Cornwall. On Tuesday 19 January, the Falmouth Coastguard sent the St Ives Lifeboat team out to tow their sailboat, Nora, back to harbour.
Bob Weise and Steve Shapiro, both 71, told the BBC the rescues have had nothing to do with their seamanship abilities, saying they have just had bad luck.

According to a statement from the St Ives Lifeboat team, Weise and Shapiro called for help when their sailboat lost propulsion and was drifting 1.5 miles north of St Ives Head off Corwall’s southwestern tip.

Nora has a broken propeller shaft and a faulty battery, and was moored in a safe spot outside the harbour for repairs.

A spokeswoman from the Maritime and Coastguard Agency confirmed they had responded on two occasions over three days to assist the crew of the Nora.

Shapiro, a screenwriter, and Weise and ex-US Army helicopter pilot have said they plan to continue their transatlantic journey once repairs to the boat have been finished.

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Protest over “attack” on barge travellers without permanent moorings

Fri, 04/15/2016

Members of the National Bargee Travellers Association are marching in London on 16 April over a clamp down on boat dwellers without permanent moorings.

The National Bargee Travellers Association claims a clamp down by the Canal & Rivers Trust (CRT) on boat dwellers without permanent moorings on its waterways is a “determined attack” on their way of life.

Under the British Waterways Act 1995, licences can only be given to vessels which are used “bona fide for navigation throughout the period for which the consent is valid without remaining continuously in any one place for more than 14 days or such longer period as is reasonable in the circumstances.”

The CRT interprets this to mean that boat owners must be continuously cruising, up to 20 miles a year in any one direction.

However, a lack of permanent moorings and the pressures of being close to a job or a school means many boat dwellers travel much shorter distances, usually up and down the same stretch of waterway.

Last month, the CRT announced that from 1 May 2016, it will no longer offer three month restricted licences to boaters who have not been meeting the terms of their ‘continuous cruiser’ licence.

The trust argues that since May 2015, it has been doing all it can to provide “greater clarity” to boaters without a home mooring.

This has included: getting in touch early to let boaters know when they haven’t been moving enough to meet the terms of their licence; sending out information packs when people take up a ‘continuous cruising’ licence; and sending text messages to overstaying boats to see if they need any help.

The CRT’s head of boating, Mike Grimes, believes the measures are having a positive effect.

“It has been encouraging to see that many boaters on short duration licences have been able to increase their range of movement, while a number have opted to take home moorings. Half of those issued with a three month licence, and nearly two-thirds of those issued a six month licence, improved their cruising pattern whilst on a restricted licence and were offered further licences on this basis,” he said in a CRT media release.

Grimes explained that offering three month restricted licences was always a temporary measure.

“Six month restricted licences may still be offered to those boats that aren’t quite meeting the movement requirements to allow them a final opportunity to show an improvement. Boats without a home mooring that are not moving in line with our guidance, despite all the communication they have received, will no longer be offered a licence of any duration,” he said.

But, the National Bargee Travellers Association is demanding that the CRT stops “evicting or threatening to evict boat dwellers without permanent moorings based on their travel pattern, because of an arbitrary and unlawful minimum distance ‘rule’ that has been imposed since last May”.

It also wants a stop to 24-hour mooring limits, arguing that the law entitles boat dwellers to stay 14 days in one place.

The association claims boat dwellers without permanent moorings suffer “persistent harassment”, “violations of privacy” and a “lack of support” for their live-aboard needs.

It wants the CRT to do more to maintain the banks and towpaths of the waterways and install more mooring rings and facilities.

On 16 April, the association will be joining the March for Health, Homes, Jobs and Education in London. It will be handing in a petition to Parliament demanding that the Government pressures CRT to “stop its attack on boat dwellers without a permanent mooring”.


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Lydd Airport to become permanent search and rescue helicopter base

Fri, 04/15/2016

The Government has announced that a purpose-built helicopter hangar will now be built at the Kent airport to house the search and rescue fleet.

Coastguard helicopter

The Department for Transport has announced that Lydd Airport, Kent, will be the permanent base for the UK Coastguard’s search and rescue helicopter fleet in the south-east.

The UK Search and Rescue Helicopter Service has operated out of Lydd Airport on a temporary basis since August 2015.

The decision to make this arrangement permanent will enable the operators, Bristow Helicopters Ltd, to push ahead with plans to build a new £7 million search and rescue helicopter hangar at the airport.

The new hangar will house two state-of-the-art search and rescue helicopters that will operate a lifesaving service around the clock.

In a joint statement from the Department for Transport and the Maritime and Coastguard Agency on 13 April, the Transport Minister Robert Goodwill said: “The UK Coastguard’s Search and Rescue Team in Lydd already play a vital role in emergency lifesaving operations in the south-east and the decision to make this the permanent base for the service will be much welcomed by the crew and the operator.

“This will give the crew real certainty about their future with the service, allowing them to put down roots in the local community, and will allow Bristow Helicopters Ltd to push ahead with their plans to build a new, state-of-the-art facility.” he concluded.

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency and its contractor Bristow Helicopters will be working closely with the airport owners and the local community at Lydd over the coming months as the development of this new facility starts.

Opposition to MCA plans to axe marine offices

The shipping union, RMT is warning that plans to reduce the number of marine offices from 14 to 10 would…

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Video: Ainslie’s team unveils third America’s Cup test boat

Fri, 04/15/2016

Sir Ben Ainslie's bid to bring the America’s Cup back to Britain is moving forward with the launch of Land Rover BAR's latest test boat.

Land Rover BAR launched the T3 at the team’s America’s Cup home base in Portsmouth.

The AC45S foiling catamaran is another test platform for the 50-foot catamaran that the team will use in their bid to become the first English racing syndicate to win the America’s Cup in Bermuda next year.

Sir Ben Ainslie, four times Olympic gold medallist and America’s Cup winner, said: “T3 is another fantastic piece of technology from our designers, engineers, shore team and key suppliers. It’s terrific to see the step changes we have made each time we launch a new boat. This is a new team, but it’s growing up fast. Really fast.”

The rules of the competition only allow the team to build one full-size 50 foot America’s Cup Class (ACC) boat. However, the team can build shorter (45 foot) versions as test boats – T3 is one of these.

The rules also define much of the hull shape and structure, making wing and hydrofoil control systems one of the key technology battlegrounds.

Just as wire cable linkages between the accelerator pedal and the carburettor in cars have been replaced by sensors and electronics; aboard T3, the ropes previously used to control the sails have now been replaced by hydraulics and electronics.

And so almost all of the team’s innovation and new technology is hidden deep inside this third boat on the long development path to the final race design for the 35th America’s Cup.

The Head of Systems and Analysis at Land Rover BAR, Richard Hopkirk said: “T3 takes us a significant step closer to the systems that we will use on the final race boat. This boat will allow us to test and develop across all the key areas that will impact our ultimate performance, it’s a critical progression in the search for fast, stable and continuous flight.”

T3 will sail from Portsmouth, with a full development and testing programme to conduct throughout the summer.

The team’s previous state-of-the-art test boat, T2 suffered damage in December during training on the Solent.

The boat capsized off Ryde, Isle of Wight causing damage to a section of the wing. None of the crew were injured.


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Pictures: 2016’s Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image award launched

Fri, 04/15/2016

Yacht racing photographers from around the globe are invited to enter this year's Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image award.

Christophe Breschi took the photographer during the GC32 Racing Tour

The Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image award is the world’s premier photography competition dedicated to the sport of sailing.

It was started in 2010 with the aim of allowing professional yacht racing photographers to share their passion for the sport with a wide community.

See the Top 10 Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image 2015 gallery below

In order to fit with the latest trend and carry on improving, the event has announced a new set of rules. These have been established with the support of some of the most prominent yacht racing photographers.

The top 80 photographs submitted will be preselected by a panel of three international and well recognised yacht racing photographers and published on the event’s website.

The top 20 pictures selected by the jury will be displayed during the Yacht Racing Forum, on 28-29 November. The winning photographer will receive the Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image award and at least € 1,000 prize money. Overall, a minimum of € 2,000 prize money will be distributed to the winners.

Two secondary prizes will also be awarded during the Yacht Racing Forum: The Yacht Racing Forum Award, which is selected by the delegates attending the Yacht Racing Forum, and the Public Award which is selected by the votes from the public on Facebook.

Photographers can submit only one photograph, taken between 1 November 2015 and 13 October 2016.

“The world’s most prominent yacht racing photographers didn’t like the fact that too much importance was given to the votes of the public on Facebook”, says the event organiser, Bernard Schopfer.

“We will still use this social network to promote the event, but the winner will be selected by the jury. Likewise, the top 20 pictures displayed at the Yacht Racing Forum will have been selected by the international jury,” he states.

The 2015 Mirabaud Yacht Racing Image uncovered a stunning collection of images sent by 135 professional photographers spanning 29 countries. More than one million people saw their pictures through social networks, whilst 1.5 million page views have been accounted on the event website.


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MAIB: Poorly discarded cigarette “probable” cause of trawler fire

Thu, 04/14/2016

The Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) has now released its report into the fire and sinking of the prawn trawler, Karinya.

14 April

The MAIB’s investigation into the fire and sinking of the trawler, Karinya in the Moray Firth, Scotland has concluded that the cause of the fire can’t be determined. However, it states that the “probable” ignition source was a “poorly discarded cigarette end that was not fully extinguished”

It also stresses the need for all fishing crews to carry out regular emergency drills, as well as the importance of fire prevention, detection and emergency procedures.

The report states that the fire broke out on the Karinya at around 1pm on 4 October, 2015. The skipper, who was aft of the wheelhouse at the winch controls, smelt burning and assumed it was coming from the engine room.

He entered the wheelhouse, heard the fire alarm sounding, and decided to proceed to the engine room to investigate. As he began descending the internal stairway, he saw thick smoke coming out of the open doorway at the top of the stairwell leading down to the cabin.

He could not get close enough to the door to close it, and shouted to the four crew, who were on the aft deck, to collect their lifejackets and to close the doors.

The crew were unable to collect their ship lifejackets as they were stowed in the burning cabin. Instead, they put on inflatable lifejackets that were stored in a locker on the aft deck.

All five crew members then deployed a life raft and abandoned the trawler. They were rescued by a nearby fishing vessel.

The MAIB report highlights a number of safety lessons. It states that although the Karinya was fitted with an automatic fire detection and alarm system, it could not be heard from the winch control position aft of the wheelhouse.

It stresses the importance of “good housekeeping” on a boat, and points out that the Karinya’s cabin contained a lot of combustible material to fuel the fire. This included spare
bedding and crew’s personal effects.

As a result of the trawler not operating a closed-door policy or having a remote closing cabin door, the smoke spread quickly. The MAIB says this could have been prevented if these measures were in place.

The vessel’s lifejackets were stored in the cabin and therefore were inaccessible
due to the volume of smoke from the fire. The MAIB stresses that lifejackets and all other emergency equipment should be “stowed in positions from which they can be readily accessed in an emergency”.

The investigation has concluded that the “rapid and controlled abandonment of Karinya” showed the benefit of all crew members carrying out regular emergency drills. It also demonstrated the benefit of ensuring safety equipment is properly maintained.


5 October

The alarm was raised at about 13:00 on Sunday (04 October) after the Karinya got into difficultly 20 miles from Fraserburgh. A rescue helicopter and the Fraserburgh lifeboat were both sent to the scene and no-one was injured in the fire or rescue.

The Karinya’s emergency broadcast had been picked up by the coastguard and the fishing vessel Pleiades BF155. The crew had abandoned the boat and were rescued from a life raft. They were then airlifted ashore by the coastguard rescue helicopter.

Steve Smith, maritime operations specialist at Aberdeen Coastguard, said: “From the outset it was quite obvious it was a serious fire and the crew subsequently abandoned into their life raft.”

“They did the right thing – the priority is always safety of life. The medic on board the rescue helicopter went down and assessed the crew, who are all safe and well.”

The coastguard later confirmed that the boat sank following the fire but no significant pollution was found in the area.

Fisheries secretary Richard Lochhead said: “The crews of the Pleiades, the Fraserburgh RNLI lifeboat and the rescue helicopter deserve our admiration, our thanks and our praise for responding so quickly and ensuring that the five trawlermen on the Karinya got home safely.

“I am delighted that no-one was injured and this serves as a reminder of what our fishing crews go through to put food on our tables and the emergency services that are there to assist them when they need it.”

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Hong Kong to host Volvo Ocean Race for the first time

Thu, 04/14/2016

Organisers of the Volvo Ocean Race confirm that Hong Kong will host the event for the first time in February 2018.

Volvo Ocean Race index

Race organisers say a unique collaboration with the Hong Kong Sailing Federation will bring the event to the iconic Victoria Harbour. It will be the largest world-class sailing event ever staged in the port.

The world’s toughest offshore race will transform the old airport in Kai Tak – where a Race Village will offer activities for both sailing fans and those new to the sport.

The city will also host an In-Port Race, giving spectators the opportunity to sample the electric live atmosphere and grab a closer look at the 65-foot racing machines which make up the fleet.

Speaking at the announcement on 13 April, Hong Kong Sailing Federation Council Member, Anthony Day said: “Offshore yacht racing doesn’t get any more exciting or prestigious than the Volvo Ocean Race and this stopover will put Hong Kong firmly on the map as an international sailing venue.

“We look forward to welcoming the fleet to our waters and to introducing the skippers and crews to a generation of Hongkongers who, I hope, will be inspired to get out there and involved in the sport,” he concluded.

Acting CEO of the Volvo Ocean Race, Antonio Bolaños López added: “I’m thrilled that the Race is visiting one of the most iconic and beautiful ports in the world for the first time.”

“We’re delighted to welcome Hong Kong to the Volvo Ocean Race family and know that we will have a stopover here, which will be one of the highlights of the 2017-18 edition. I’d like to pay a special tribute to the Hong Kong Sailing Federation and the Hong Kong government for making our dreams of bringing the race here a reality,” he stated.

Hong Kong brings the confirmed list of Volvo Ocean Race 2017-18 stopovers so far to nine, alongside Alicante, Auckland, Cape Town, Cardiff, Newport (US), Lisbon, Gothenburg and The Hague.

Ian Walker to be guest speaker at Marine Industry Regatta

Volvo Ocean Race winner, Ian Walker will be the guest speaker at the 2016 Marine Industry Regatta on June 1.

Pictures: Ian Walker’s Sport Relief celebrity yacht returns to London in flames

The high-profile celebrity sailing crew ran from storms, had a Coastguard drop-in visit and finished the charity event in style…

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Arrest warrant issued for British yacht dealer sought in disappearance of Lisa Brown

Thu, 04/14/2016

The family of Lisa Brown says a European Arrest warrant has been issued to trace her 33-year-old boyfriend, Simon Corner.

14 April 

The Spanish Guardia Civil is understood to have issued a European Arrest Warrant to trace Simon Corner, who has links to Ibiza, Thailand and Portugal. His girlfriend, Lisa Brown disappeared in southern Spain on 4 November.

She was last seen at her home in the town of San Roque. The authorities were alerted to her disappearance when she failed to pick up her eight-year-old son from school.

Police have searched the area around her home but have found no trace of the 32-year-old mother.

Yacht dealer Corner, who is from Liverpool, spoke to Spain’s Civil Guard police force at the time of Lisa’s disappearance, but then left the country. He has not been seen since.

Brown’s sister, Helen Jordan has set up a Find Lisa Facebook page and a Find Lisa Fund to help pay for the cost of tracing Brown. More than £6,800 has already been raised.

Posting on the Facebook page, Jordan urged Corner to answer their questions about her sister’s disappearance. Numerous photos of Corner have also been uploaded, including the one below.

Yacht dealer, Simon Corner.


Corner has not been formally charged with any crime.

26 November

Spanish police are searching for a yacht dealer from Liverpool as a suspect in the disappearance 32-year old mother Lisa Brown.

Brown was last seen at her home in southern Spain, near Gibraltar, on 4 November.

Brown was first suspected missing when she failed to pick up her eight-year-old son from school in the town of San Roque, where she was living and working.

Spain’s Civil Guard police force, which is investigating the case, believes Brown may have been abducted by her boyfriend, Simon Corner, and taken to sea. Corner has also reportedly disappeared, and has not been seen at the marinas he regularly visited in his yacht.

Brown’s home has been sealed off and searched for clues and DNA samples. Dogs and divers have searched the area and the Guadiaro River near Brown’s home and found no trace, and the Civil Guard has enlisted the help of the Royal Gibraltar Police in their search for the missing couple.

Brown’s parents have travelled to Spain, and Brown’s former partner, Tony Tomillero, is looking after their child.

Brown is understood to have lived in Dumbarton, Scotland, before moving to Spain.

The Foreign Office has confirmed that it is liaising with local authorities and providing assistance to the family of a missing British national.

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Rescue launched after three men set sail in a fridge freezer

Thu, 04/14/2016

The Flint Coastguard Rescue Team in North Wales was called out after multiple reports of three men setting sail in a fridge freezer at Connor's Quay, Flintshire.

The Flint Coastguard Rescue Team were deployed by the Holyhead Coastguard Operations Centre at 7.30pm on 12 April, following reports of three men floating down the River Dee in a fridge freezer. They were using a plank of wood for a paddle.

On arrival, members of the rescue team found the fridge freezer and plank of wood abandoned on the shore. There was no sign of the three men. The kitchen appliance was removed to a safe area, and the team returned to station.

A spokesperson for the Maritime and Coastguard Agency said: “The UK Coastguard sent the Flint Coastguard Rescue Team to the area but the men had made it safely to shore and abandoned their ‘vessel’. They were extremely lucky they didn’t sink or get stuck in the mud when the fridge ran aground”.

“We want to say thank you to the members of the public who made multiple calls to the Coastguard reporting this incident – you did exactly the right thing calling us,” concluded the spokesperson.

Following the incident, volunteer coastguard rescue officer, Kevin Paterson, who uses Lego and social media to promote coastal safety and the work of the coastguard, posted this advice on his coastguardrescueteam Facebook page.

“Following a real-world incident on Tuesday night, the world’s smallest Coastguard Rescue Team would like to remind the public that a fridge freezer is completely unsuitable for setting out to sea in. This actually did happen…The ‘wee guys’ advise that people should be properly trained and equipped before sailing and that includes having an actual boat. #‎999coastguard. In a coastal, beach or cliff emergency dial 999 and ask for the Coastguard.”

It was accompanied by the photo below.

The photo which accompanied the advice by the ‘wee guys’ in the world’s smallest Coastguard Rescue Team


This post was promptly shared by the Finley Coastguard Rescue Team on its Facebook page.

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New look sailing venue for Rio 2016 Olympics opens

Thu, 04/14/2016

The Marina da Glória at Guanabara Bay will be used for the sailing events of the Rio 2016 Olympics and Paralympic Games.

The sailing venue for the Rio 2016 Olympics has been expanded and modernised, and was opened to the public on 7 April.

For almost a decade, access to the Marina da Glória was restricted to boat users. Now, following the €17.1 million refit, Rio’s residents and visitors have access to new leisure facilities.

As well as being expanded and redesigned, the marina has been completely integrated with Flamengo Park, one of the most popular leisure areas in Rio de Janeiro.

“Before, the Marina da Glória did not welcome locals. Today, it is a new, revitalised space with its arms wide open for visitors,” said Marco Aurélio Sá Ribeiro, President of the Brazilian Sailing Confederation.

Located on Guanabara Bay, Marina da Glória has already hosted two test events, in August 2014 and August 2015.
The Rio 2016 Organising Committee will take over the site on 13 July, ahead of the Olympic regattas in August and the Paralympic competitions in September.

“We have complied with our commitments, ahead of time. The facility we are handing over is ready. Our focus now will be on operations,” stated Ricardo Leyser, Brazilian Minister of Sports.

As part of the renovation, the capacity of the venue has been significantly increased. The number of berths in the water has gone from 140 to 415 and the number of dry stacks has increased from 70 to 240.

The marina’s jetties have been redesigned, new electricity and water infrastructure installed and a modern pavilion for athletes has been completed. A car park with space for 470 cars has been built and security for the boats has been improved.

As well as the investment in new sailing facilities, the marina now contains an extensive leisure area for the general public, including four restaurants, a delicatessen, bicycle path and bike racks.

After the Paralympic Games, the venue will be used for sports, cultural events and entertainment. The marina will also offer sailing and diving courses as well as boat rentals and will have a special area for fishing.

The opening of the marina comes as controversy continues over the cleanliness of the water of Guanabara Bay.

Last year, the Associated Press published findings of a five-month study into water quality in the bay. It found evidence of viruses linked to human sewage which can cause stomach or respiratory ailments.

As part of Rio’s bid to host the Olympics, Brazilian authorities had pledged to clean up the polluted bay.

The International Olympic Committee says local organisers have followed testing procedures of the water established by the World Health Organization (WHO) that focus on testing for bacteria and not viruses, and that it has “had reassurances” from the WHO “that there is no significant risk” to the health of competitors.

On 7 April, the same day as the opening of Marina da Glória, Brazilian police gathered samples from some of Rio de Janeiro’s largest sewage treatment plants to determine whether the facilities are actually treating sewage.

AP also reported that documents were sized from at least six sewage plants as part of the police investigation into Rio’s state water and sewage utility, Cedae.

Meanwhile, World Sailing, the international governing body for the sport, has declared itself “satisfied” with preparations for the sailing regattas for the Rio 2016 Olympics. It comes following a four-day visit to Rio at the end of March.

The delegation heard about efforts to improve the situation, such the construction of pipe belt to prevent sewage entering the water near the Marina da Glória venue, and the use of eco-barriers to stop floating debris from entering the bay from rivers.

A World Sailing statement said: “The health and safety of sailors competing at Rio 2016 is paramount and World Sailing remain focused on delivering an excellent Olympic Sailing Competition on a safe and fair field of play.”

World Sailing medical commission representative Dr Nebojša Nikolic, said: “I am satisfied with the planning work that is being done ahead of the Games to ensure that the welfare of sailors remains the top priority and that appropriate water testing and protocols are in place to inform decision making at the Games.”

“We will continue to monitor water testing data closely and to educate sailors and officials on what they can do themselves to reduce health risks ahead of the Games,” he concluded.

Also present in the World Sailing delegation were CEO Andy Hunt, technical delegates Alastair Fox and Scott Perry, and events committee chairman Pablo Masseroni. They met with the Rio 2016 Olympics organising committee, the city and state governments, the state environment institute (INEA) and Rio’s state water and sewage utility, Cedae.

The governing body stressed that having seven racing areas and three reserve days for each of the 10 sailing events provides great flexibility.

The statement added: “Contingency plans for all scenarios from water quality to wind conditions are in place and World Sailing remains confident in delivering a memorable and successful Olympic sailing competition.”

The Rio 2016 Olympics take place 5-21 August and the Paralympics 7-18 September.

Row2Rio team cross the Equator

The Row2Rio team celebrated on April 5 as they crossed the Equator, entering the final 1,000 nautical miles of their…

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Fishermen who died following the sinking of the Louisa off Scotland are named

Wed, 04/13/2016

Police Scotland have now released the names of the two fishermen who died when the Louisa sank near Mingulay, off the Western Isles.

coastguard helicopter

13 April

Police Scotland have named Chris Morrison, 27, from Harris and Martin Johnstone, 29, from Caithness as the two men whose bodies were recovered on 9 April, following the sinking of the Louisa.

The fishing boat’s skipper, 42-year-old Pail Allison, from Lewis, remains missing. Searches for him are continuing.

The fourth crew member, Lachlan Armstrong, 27, had already been named by the media. He had clung to rocks before being rescued by the Barra RNLI lifeboat. He was taken to hospital at Stornoway and was not seriously injured.

The Louisa sank while at anchor at around 3.45am on 9 April. 

An investigation by the Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB) and Police Scotland into the sinking is already underway.

11 April

Four fishermen were onboard the Louisa when the boat starting to take on water in the early hours of 9 April.

In a statement, the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) says the coastguard received a distress alert just before 3.45am on April 9, when the vessel’s emergency positioning beacon (EPIRB) was activated near Mingulay, Western Isles.

The coastguard search and rescue helicopter based at Stornoway, along with the Barra RNLI lifeboat were deployed to search the area. One crew member was found and taken to hospital by helicopter. Two other crew members were found dead.

The search for the fourth fisherman from the Louisa has now been scaled back, says the MCA. It involved the coastguard search and rescue helicopters based at Stornoway and Prestwick, the Barra RNLI lifeboat, local fishing vessels and Police Scotland.

Next of kin are being kept updated and police officers are in contact with the families.

The National Maritime Operations Commander, for UK Coastguard, Mark Rodaway said, “Despite an intensive search including the helicopters, lifeboat and other fishing vessels in the area, we have been unable to locate the missing fisherman. Our thoughts are with all those involved”.

Chief Inspector Alastair Garrow, Police Scotland said, “At this time we can confirm that the bodies of two men have been recovered. A third man was rescued and was taken to hospital at Stornoway. He is not seriously injured”.

“A fourth man was on the boat and is still missing. The next of kin of all the men have been informed. This has been a tragic incident which will impact on the local community. Our thoughts are with the families affected,” he concluded.

Police Scotland and the MAIB are carrying out a joint investigation into the sinking of the Louisa and a report will be submitted to the procurator fiscal.



Eight rescued after fishing boat hits submerged object

The crew and passengers of a commercial fishing boat were rescued after the vessel hit a submerged object and began…

Watch 10 rescued from capsized fishing boats

Emergency crews rescued 10 French fishermen trapped on capsized fishing boats in Dartmouth Harbour.

Video: Storm grounds fishing vessel, capsizes Coast Guard rescue boat

US Coast Guard rescuers performed a dramatic airlift early Thursday morning when a fishing vessel grounded just metres from shore…

Man airlifted to safety after falling from fishing boat into rough seas

The crew member fell overboard off the coast in County Down

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Sunseeker to star in new BBC documentary

Wed, 04/13/2016

The programme, which airs this Friday, sees the BBC film crew follow the build of Sunseeker International’s new 131 Yacht from conception through to its launch.

Sunseeker is starring in the BBC Two documentary, ‘Britain’s Biggest Superyachts: Chasing Perfection’ which will air this Friday, 15 April at 9pm.

During the 10 months of filming, the crew was given behind the scenes access to capture the journey of the new 131 Yacht (pictured above) from concept to build at the manufacturing facility in Poole, and then through to final delivery.

The 131 Yacht enables its owner to tailor every element of the interior design and layout to their personal preferences via Sunseeker’s unique ‘Bespoke’ service, which is highlighted in the one hour long documentary.

As well as documenting the build in its Dorset shipyards, filming also took place during the boat shows in the latter half of 2015 and at the London Boat Show in January of this year, where the 131 Yacht made its world premiere. The 40 metre yacht is the largest model ever to make its debut in London.

The 131 Yacht is based on the classic Sunseeker deep V hill. It can accommodate up to 12 guests depending on the layout and options selected. A standout feature is the addition of feature glass in the master stateroom, saloon and upper saloon to create a light filled and comfortable environment for owner and guests.

The large tri-deck yacht has an extended cruising range of 1,500 nautical miles when operating at 10 knots, and boasts a top speed of 23 knots. Build time for each new 131 Yacht is around one year.

Pictures: Sunseeker’s Princess AVK completes sea trials

Sunseeker's 48 metre yacht has just finished sea trials off the coast of the UK.

Sunseeker to recruit 40 apprentices in Poole and Portland

Sunseeker International have announced that it is recruiting a record intake of apprentices in 2016, bringing the total number to

Sunseeker celebrates fastest-selling model, appoints new VP

UK-headquartered luxury boat manufacturer Sunseeker says it's making one Predator 57 model a week and selling them for £1m each.

Pictures: Sunseeker to launch new 131 Yacht at London Boat Show 2016

Sunseeker's new 131 Yacht is the first of three models set for launch in early 2016, and will be the…

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Pictures: Aston Martin unveils the AM37 powerboat

Wed, 04/13/2016

The legendary car manufacturer, Aston Martin and Quintessence Yachts will showcase the AM37 at Milan Design Week.

The sleek lines of the AM37

Aston Martin and Quintessence Yachts will hold the worldwide preview of the AM37 on 13 April.

The powerboat is the result of years of research and development by both companies, and aims to “fuse” together the “maritime and automotive worlds”.

Aston Martin’s Chief Creative Officer, Marek Reichman said, “It is true that a beautiful, simple shape is critical to a product’s success but it must also have drama, which is provided by surface language, proportions, and through the choice of exciting materials.”

“The most important attribute for Aston Martin is the language of design and we have transferred this language into AM37. The new powerboat represents the ideal combination of luxurious and technical materials, generating a powerful yet understated finished product,” he states.

See pictures of the new AM37 below

Customers can choose between two 37 foot models. The AM37 has a maximum speed of around 44 knots, with a choice of either two 370 hp Mercury diesels or two 430 hp Mercury petrol engines.

The AM37 S is described as “the ultimate sports driving experience”. It is fitted with twin 520 hp Mercury petrol engines for a maximum speed of up to 52 knots.

One of the most striking features of the powerboat is its unique sliding deck. This allows owners to completely cover the cockpit of the boat, protecting it from the elements and uninvited guests.

The deck consists of three carbon panels which can be operated by the electronic command of the AM37 key, folding under the aft deck to uncover the cockpit. Once the cockpit is open, the aft deck slides back to facilitate access to the dock and allow those onboard to easily dive into the water and open the swimming ladder. The deck can also be raised to give access to the engine room, storage compartments and bimini top.

The AM37 also boasts the latest onboard technologies. The air conditioning, fridge and espresso machine can be started on remote while still at home or driving to the marina.

It also features integrated navigation, control monitor and entertainment systems, with advanced multimedia functions and interactive voice control. The user interface of the multimedia and entertainment system is installed in the 15-inch HD touchscreen on the dashboard, which guests can also use. Owners will have their own dedicated display for monitoring engine status and navigation.

The AM37 will also be fitted with Bravo Three XR sterndrives and electric anchoring. Added options include Axius Joystick Piloting or the installation of a bow Jet Thruster system from Holland Marine Parts.

Speaking ahead of the unveiling at Milan Design Week, Quintessence Yachts Chief Executive Officer, Mariella Mengozzi commented, “At Quintessence Yachts we translate design in functionality and technology to enhance the customer experience. We’re proud to present elements of the AM37 at Milan Design Week, a boat that represents an entirely new concept for the yachting world.”

Pictures: Hyperlien Shark Line 46

With its streamline exterior and hull shape, it's no wonder the shark-inspired Hyperlien Shark Line 46 has won five design…

Pictures: Hybrid powerboat builder garners awards

Hydros Innovation picked up the 2015 Environmental Award for its HY-41 hybrid powerboat prototype and a special mention for its…

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Countdown until America’s Cup World Series returns to Portsmouth

Wed, 04/13/2016

There is just under 100 days to go until Sir Ben Ainslie's Land Rover BAR team returns to race on home waters. The British team won the first America's Cup World Series race in Muscat in February.

13 April 

This year’s America’s Cup World Series will take place in Portsmouth between 21-24 July.

Last year, the Land Rover BAR claimed victory on British waters. However, the team admits that with the level of competition increasing, defending their title will be “no plain sailing”.

But, the team says sailing in front of a home crown is always a highlight.

Land Rover BAR tactician CJ said: “Coming down the final reach in Portsmouth of the first race, seeing the crowd on the beach and the amount of people there supporting us was incredible! Going across the finish line and hearing the big cheer was a really special moment.”

This will be the last opportunity to support the team on home waters before next year’s America’s Cup in Bermuda.

Six teams from around the world will go head to head in Portsmouth in three 20 minute races on Saturday and Super Sunday, with match racing duals on Friday’s Practice Day.

There will also be a new Race Village with a Tech Zone and a Team Zone, as well as interactive activities about the competition.

Sunsail has also just announced it has been named as an official charter partner for the upcoming round of the Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series in Portsmouth from 22-24 July 2016.

Leslie Greenhalgh, Events Director, Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series, says We are really pleased to be working with Sunsail for the second year running. They are a major brand in the UK and global sailing business presenting a fantastic opportunity for people to get out on the Solent as well as watching our event. It’s a perfect way to bring a group of clients, employees or friends out on the water for a thrilling experience and we look forward to welcoming existing and new guests through Sunsail to our event.”


Tickets are available at the America’s Cup World Series website

29 February

It was a promising start to the America’s Cup World Series for Sir Ben Ainslie and his Land Rover BAR team in Oman this weekend, when they beat the Oracle Team USA by two points.

Ben Ainslie said:

“We kept fighting through today. Compared to the teams with established track records, we need to prove we can compete at the top of the fleet and I think we are getting back to doing that. We have a big team of designers, boat builders and support staff back at home working very hard for us and they want to know that we can win this thing.”.

The American team came second, whilst Emirates Team New Zealand came third in Muscat, retaining their overall first spot in the America’s Cup World Series.

Ben Ainslie announces he’s to become a father in the summer

25 February 

All six teams are getting ready to start the 2016 season this weekend, 27-28 February, in Oman. This is the first time that the event is hosted in the Middle East.

Sir Ben Ainslie’s Land Rover Bar, Artemis, Emirates Team New Zealand, Oracle Team USA, Groupama Team France and Softbank Team Japan will start racing on Saturday 27 at 2pm local time.

Emirates Team New Zealand is currently at the top of the leaderboard with 122 points, followed by Oracle Team USA with 112. Britain’s Land Rover Bar is in third position with 105 points, whilst Sweden’s Artemis and Japan’s Softbank Team have 105 and 100 points respectively.

Following Oman, the teams will race in New York City (7-8 May), Chicago (10-12 June), Portsmouth (21-24 July) and Toulon (10-11 September).

The Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series can be watched on BT Sport or by downloading the ACWS’s app (visit https://www.americascup.com/en/app.html for details – app may not be available in certain countries). The BBC will also broadcast highlights from the event.


Video: Land Rover and Ben Ainslie discuss the fastest America’s Cup boat with Land Rover BAR

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Ben Ainslie’s new T2 test boat suffers damage after capsizing

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Pictures: Sir Ben Ainslie’s new America’s Cup racing yacht

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Rare loss in Gothenburg for Ben Ainslie Racing America’s Cup team

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Pictures: Rolls-Royce announces crewless smart boats by 2020

Tue, 04/12/2016

"As disruptive as the smartphone": Rolls-Royce Marine says remote and autonomous commercial shipping will become a reality by the end of the decade.

The ships will be controlled from 'virtual bridges' based on land

Rolls-Royce is heading a consortium which is developing the technology to allow crewless boats to be controlled on land.

The first year findings of the Advanced Autonomous Waterborne Applications Initiative (AAWA) project were presented at a conference at Helsinki’s Finlandia Hall earlier this month.

Speaking at the conference, the Vice President of Innovation, Rolls-Royce Marine, Oskar Levander said: “This is happening. It’s not if, it’s when. This work supports the development of remote controlled and autonomous vessels and will enable proof of concept demonstration following the completion of the project. We will see a remote controlled ship in commercial use by the end of the decade.”

See the pictures below

Rolls-Royce believes that autonomous shipping will radically change the maritime industry, helping to save money and end the staffing shortages faced by the sector. It will also have the potential to create new shipping services, such as online cargo service marketplaces.

The President of Rolls-Royce Marine, Mikael Makinen, said, “Autonomous shipping is the future of the maritime industry. As disruptive as the smart phone, the smart ship will revolutionise the landscape of ship design and operations.”.

The project’s technology research is being led by Jonne Poikonen, Senior Research Fellow, Technology Research Centre at the University of Turku, and Dr Mika Hyvönen, Senior Research Fellow at Tampere University of Technology.

Poikonen says individual technologies for crewless ships now exist, but the challenge is bringing them together without it costing too much. Overcoming legal hurdles and regulatory approval, as well as testing the remote control vessels at sea also needs to take place.

Cybersecurity will also be critical to the safe and successful operation of remote and autonomous vessels.

The ships will pilot themselves via sensors such as radar, lasers and computer programmes.

The first test partners have signed up to the project.  Finnish company Finferries’ 65 metre double ended ferry, the Stella, will be used to test how crewless ships function in a real environment. The vessel sails between between Korpo and Houtskär, The sensor arrays onboard will be tested in a range of operating and climatic conditions.

ESL Shipping has come on board to explore how drone ships can be used for shorter cargo trips.

The project has been supported by Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation of Tekes.

Pictures: Hyperlien Shark Line 46

With its streamline exterior and hull shape, it's no wonder the shark-inspired Hyperlien Shark Line 46 has won five design…

Video: US Navy launches 132ft submarine-hunting drone boat

The US Navy has launched and speed-tested the latest weapon in its arsenal against enemy submarines.

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Three jailed after plotting £1M fraud against Princess Yachts

Tue, 04/12/2016

Three men, including Princess Yachts former facilities manager Glyn Thompson, are now behind bars after swindling the luxury boat company out of £1M.

12 April

Glyn Thompson, 57, Darren Tallon, 43 and Roger Truen, 49 were all given prison sentences by Judge Paul Darlow.

The men defrauded Princess Yachts between 2010-2013 by conspiring with contractors. They set up false invoices, as well as grossly overcharging the firm.
The fraud was only uncovered when a sub-contractor raised the alarm with senior managers of the company.

Judge Darlow jailed Thompson, the mastermind behind the plot, for six years. Tallon will serve four years and six months in jail, while Truen was sentenced to 40 months.

Both Thompson and Truen worked for Princess Yachts, while Tallon acted as a contractor.

Two other men, Michael Honey, 51, and John Tinley, 48, were also sentenced to 14 months suspended for two years for their part in the plot. Both of them acted as contractors.

Thompson, of Thornbury Park Avenue, Peverell, and Tallon, of Elfordleigh Farm, Plympton, has always had denied conspiracy to defraud Princess Yachts. But they were convicted after a three-month trial.

Truen, of Mitchell Close, Plymstock, Honey, of Pemros Road, Plymouth, and Tinley, of Langstone Road, Plymouth, all pleaded guilty to two counts of conspiracy to defraud.

All five men will now face further court hearings under the Proceeds of Crime Act to try and reclaim the stolen money.

23 November, 2015

Senior boss Glyn Thompson, 57, is accused of defrauding Princess Yachts of more than £1m over three years with the help of his deputy Roger Truen.

The facilities manager, is currently on trial accused of plotting with contractors of inflating invoices to the luxury boat maker and even raising fake ones.

The jury heard how the pair received envelops containing cash by contractors in order to secure work with the yachting company.

One of the contractors who has pleaded guilty, former director of Elite Facilities Solutions Michael Honey, has stated in court that his company paid £36,100 to Thompson and Truen over a period of several months and that Truen told him to inflate quotes for services at Princess Yachts.
Glyn Thompson and Roger Truen were paid a ‘referral fee’ in cash.
He eventually pulled out of the scheme as money was coming out directly from his and other directors involved in the scheme’s dividends.
Elite Facilities Solutions were appointed to oversee two contracts for Princess Yachts, one involving the demolition of buildings and the fencing off of the site at South Yard, Devonport Dockyard in Devon.

Michael Honey said that generally Roger Truen picked up the envelops full of cash, but that in one instance Glyn Thompson collected the money himself.

It’s also been revealed that Thompson was a director of Mulberry Developments along with co-defendant Darren Tallon, whilst Truen was in charge of Quins Project Management. Mr Honey said that EFS paid invoices to these two firms, however he admitted he never saw Mulberry Developments or Quins Project Management’s workmen on site.

Thompson has denied the charges and has pleaded not guilty to the charge of defrauding Princess Yachts using EFS.

The trial continues.

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Fears over future of HMS Illustrious

Tue, 04/12/2016

Concerns are raised over the future of HMS Illustrious following claims that a deal to sell the warship to Gibraltar has collapsed.

HMS Illustrious

The HMS Illustrious Association is warning that the warship is at risk of becoming a ‘national embarrassment’ if action isn’t taken to secure the vessel’s future.

This comes as the Portsmouth News reveals that a deal to sell the 22,000 tonne vessel to the government of Gibraltar has fallen through.

The newspaper quotes a spokesman from the government, stating that it was giving “serious consideration” to plans to make the ship a maritime attraction in the British territory. However, the idea has been shelved because of the “prohibitive” maintenance cost of the aircraft carrier.

The President of the HMS Illustrious Association, Vice Admiral Bob Cooling told the newspaper that he would now rather see the ship scrapped if the Falklands warship could not be adequately preserved.

“Unless Lusty’s future is adequately funded to preserve her appearance and dignity as the UK’s longest-ever serving aircraft carrier then it would be better that she is scrapped rather than risk her becoming a national embarrassment,” he said.

The Vice Admiral believes ticket sales could have paid for the ship’s upkeep in Gibraltar.

“What better than such an iconic example of British naval heritage showcased in a vital overseas territory which itself reflects over 300 years of British maritime history?” stated Vice Admiral Cooling.

Responding to the concerns, an MOD spokesperson told YBW: “No decisions have yet been made on the future of the former HMS Illustrious and options for her sale are still under consideration by the Disposal Services Authority.”

HMS Illustrious was decommissioned in August 2014 at a service at Portsmouth Naval Base. At the time, the ship was the last Invincible-class carrier left – both her sister ships, HMS Invincible and HMS Ark Royal had already been scrapped.

‘Lusty’, as she is affectionately known, had been in active service for 32 years, including deployment in the Falklands War. The ship was replaced as the nation’s helicopter carrier by HMS Ocean.

Royal Yacht Britannia part of Queen’s 90th celebrations

A number of events around the UK are scheduled to celebrate the monarch's landmark and those who share the Queen's…

Video: US Navy launches 132ft submarine-hunting drone boat

The US Navy has launched and speed-tested the latest weapon in its arsenal against enemy submarines.

Three rescued after being shipwrecked on uninhabited Pacific island

Three men, who were stranded on an uninhabited Pacific island for three days, are now safe, after using palm fronds…

Visitors flock to visit Royal Yacht Britannia as it’s judged Scotland’s best attraction

The Royal Yacht Britannia, the Queen's former ship, tops the list for the 10th year in a row.

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New access boat for the disabled in the North West

Tue, 04/12/2016

The boat, which will enable more people with disabilities to go sailing, can be used by any club in the North West which is an accredited RYA Sailability site.

The new disabled access boat is handed over to Bolton Sailing Club. Left to right Warren Price (RYA Sailability North Development Officer), Keith Roberts (President Bolton SC), Michael Moore (Chairman RYA North West Region)

The new access boat for the disabled has been handed over at Bolton Sailing Club.

It was presented to the club’s President, Keith Roberts, by the Chairman of the RYA North West Region, Michael Moore and the RYA Sailability North Development Officer, Warren Price.

The Hansa 303 was bought with the aid of a grant, donations and match-funding contribution from the Royal Yachting Association (RYA) North West Region. 

The boat will be used for teaching the basics of sailing, building confidence on the water and use in special school regattas. It will also enable training of instructors to answer the particular needs of people with disabilities through the RYA Sailability programme.

Sailing is one of the very few sports where sailors with disabilities can use specially-adapted boats to compete against fully able people in mixed-class events. A handicapping system enables direct comparison of different shapes and sizes of boats.

While the new boat will be based at Bolton Sailing Club, any club in the North West which is an accredited Sailability site or wants to be one can request the use of the boat.

The access boat has a very heavy removable keel that gives stability in strong winds. The boom is also angled up for safety.

The class has single and double person versions. They are fitted with adapted controls: a joystick instead of a tiller for steering and can even have motorised modifications for those with reduced movements or strength.

Through RYA Sailability, more than 53,000 disabled young people and adults are introduced to sailing per year, and many go on to sail on a regular basis.

Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust: sailing back to health

Read the story behind Dame Ellen MacArthur's cancer trust and what it means to the kids in recovery from cancer…

Government confirms second group of MCZs

All 23 sites in the second tranche of MCZs have been designated, but the RYA is claiming that this will…

Northern Boat Show to launch in Liverpool in June

The Northern Boat Show will take place across three days at the start of June

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New £2.6 million boathouse for Llandudno RNLI

Tue, 04/12/2016

Work has now started on a new Llandudno RNLI Lifeboat Station at Craig-y-Don. At the moment its lifeboat has to be towed through the town to the sea by tractor when needed.

The new RNLI boathouse for Llandudno is currently being built

Building work on the new £2.6 million modern boathouse at Craig-y-Don, Llandudno began on 11 April. It follows years of delays and planning battles to find a site in the town.

The facility will house the latest £2m Shannon class all-weather lifeboat, which is expected to be delivered in 2017. This will replace the existing Mersey class lifeboat Andy Pearce, which is reaching the end of its operational life.

The current Lloyd Street boathouse is in a busy town centre, and is not fit for purpose. At the moment, a tractor has to be used to tow the lifeboat through the town to the sea. The boathouse also isn’t large enough to accomodate the new lifeboat.

In 2012, the RNLI’s trustees agreed the allocation of a 25 knot Shannon class lifeboat for Llandudno. With this in mind, and as previous planning applications to build a new lifeboat station on a site near the pier had failed, the RNLI carried out extensive trials at a new site at Craig-y-Don in 2011. These trials were hailed a success, and in due course, in September 2014 the RNLI was granted planning permission to build the new station here. The project is expected to take about 14 months to complete.

The Divisional Operations Manager for the RNLI in North Wales, Lee Firman says: “The RNLI charity has been committed to saving lives at sea at Llandudno since a lifeboat service was established in the town in 1861. We are delighted to see work getting underway to see this much needed facility being introduced which will enable Llandudno to be home to an all-weather lifeboat for many more years to come.”

The turf cutting ceremony was held on 7 April


The new RNLI lifeboat station is designed to house a new 25-knot Shannon-class all-weather lifeboat and a D-class inshore lifeboat together with their launching equipment. The modern facilities will give the RNLI’s volunteer crews the facilities they need to provide an efficient lifesaving service for many years to come.

The Llandudno RNLI Lifeboat Operations Manager, Marcus Elliott,  says the delays in getting a new boathouse has been “a frustrating and difficult time for us all”.

“During trials the site at Craig-y-Don proved suitable to operate from using the RNLI’s revolutionary new Supacat launch and recovery unit, specially designed for use with its new Shannon-class lifeboats. The site would have been totally unsuitable as an all-weather launch site for the current lifeboat, however with advances in technology and boat design together with the introduction of the new unit the site is ideal. We very much look forward to seeing the build project commence,” he states.

“We would like to thank the large number of people who so kindly took the trouble to show their support for the RNLI’s planning application by calling, phoning, posting items on social media, writing letters and emailing – your support was invaluable and has been greatly appreciated by everyone at Llandudno Lifeboat Station. Since then, many businesses, groups and individuals have further shown their support by making generous donations towards the cost of the new boathouse, and to all of these donors also we extend our thanks,” he concludes.

The work is being carried out by the North-Wales based contractor Wynne Construction.

On April 6, Llandudno RNLI took delivery of a brand-new inshore lifeboat. It arrived by road from the charity’s production facility on the Isle of Wight and replaces the station’s existing inshore lifeboat, D-656 William Robert Saunderson.

Volunteers at Llandudno RNLI take delivery of the new inshore lifeboat.


The new D-793 lifeboat is named Dr Barbara Saunderson to recognise the Llanfairfechan resident who, prior to her death in 2014, generously provided the funds to finance the boat’s construction.

Dr Saunderson, a former Lecturer in French at Bangor University, was a committed RNLI supporter and fundraiser who over the years had also financed two earlier inshore lifeboats for Llandudno.

A Llandudno RNLI spokesman said, “Dr Saunderson often came to see us at the lifeboat station and always took a keen interest in the work of our crews. It was the wish of everyone at the station that this boat should carry her name and we know that she would have been pleased and very proud to see her new lifeboat powering round Llandudno bay this week.”


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Historic RNLI lifeboat up for rent on AirBnB in Scottish Hebrides

A former RNLI lifeboat has found a new home onshore as a rental property in the Scottish Highlands.

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New marina planned for Chatham Waterfront

Tue, 04/12/2016

Medway Council is moving forward with plans to build a marina at Chatham Waterfront, close to Gun Wharf. It is hoped it will regenerate the area.

The plans for the new marina at Chatham on the River Medway, Kent are still in the early stages.

However, Medway Council’s cabinet has agreed to enter into legal discussions with Crown Estates, which owns most of the river bed beyond the shore.

The council’s development control team is also being consulted about the preparation of a planning brief for the project, which includes the development of the Riverside 4 building – formerly the Royal Air Forces Association Club. It would also provide mooring facilities on the river, from the Command House pub to the far side of Gun Wharf.

News of the new marina proposal comes as Chatham Marina (pictured above) is due to open new berths as part of a £500,000 expansion plan.

Speaking to Kent Online, the Medway councillor in charge of strategic regeneration, Rodney Chambers, said the marina could bring “significant income to the authority”, adding, “We have done our homework and there seems to be significant interest from the private sector to develop and operate such a marina”.

“It will aid the regeneration of Chatham and also justifies the significant amount of resources we’ve expended on Sun Pier,” he states.

Chambers said the marina would be a boost to tourism.

This April, 54 new moorings will be available at Chatham Marina. The development by MDL Marinas also includes a new pontoon, which lies alongside the marina’s Historic Dockyard – an 80-acre site featuring museums, galleries and warships from the Age of Sail.

MDL Marinas is the UK’s largest marina chain with 18 facilities including Penton Hook, Cobb’s Quay, Hamble Point and Ocean Village.


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