Super Yachts

Super yachts

Is it possible to get aboard a Super Yacht, and  anyway ?  What is a super yacht. Yes, it is possible to get aboard a super yacht and possibly for a lot less than you might think.   A super yacht is not just a beautiful yacht it is exceptional in both size and luxurious accommodation, almost always built for very wealthy individuals who have a passion for acquiring the very best that money can buy. Commissioning the construction of a super yacht is both a breathtaking financial commitment and a commitment to creating something unique, serviceable and luxurious.. The very essence of the undertaking is to be better and different. No self respecting multimillionaire commits funds simply to finish up with a yacht that is more or less the same as any other super yacht, but rather to create a unique vessel, a unique home, and a unique base for entertainment and hospitality appropriate to the world in which he lives and works. 

Included in this category of yachts are the  J Class Yachts and the most interesting and detailed history can be found here J CLass Wikepedia J Class yachts are currently racing in the UK in Falmouth and the Solent

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