The hidden games

As I write 10 sunbeams are static in the middle of Falmouth bay barely visible to the naked eye, in search of wind, a very familiar scenario to anyone who has raced yachts. Not very much can be done about the lack of wind but here in St Mawes we dearly miss class championship events. We all understand the  perceived need for windward starts but what a price. Many many people never get to see these beautiful yachts thrashing around in the carrick roads or bucking the tide on the castle shore or majestically struttingg their stuff in full view of hundreds of spectators. We don't even see much of them in the evenings with the exception of working boats.

So come on, Sunbeam Ajax, St Mawes OD  Sigma 33 class captains think out of the box and see if you can't contrive to share your wonderful sport with a few spectators. Maybe the odd mark close in, maybe finish the last race on the club line, maybe even give us a twirl at the end of the day, anything just to let your adoring public know you are in town.

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